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About Setanta

Setanta Asset Management is an independent investment management firm based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 1998, Setanta has successfully applied a long-term value investing approach to its global equity and multi-asset funds.

The Setanta investment approach is straight forward. We invest our portfolios in good quality businesses that are durable, financed conservatively, run by trustworthy management with a shareholder focus and under-appreciated by investors at large for one reason or other. We protect our clients with sensible diversification, a healthy dose of scepticism, and a margin of safety ‘buffer’ embedded in our valuation work. We are diligent and patient investors, undertaking thorough investment research, developing a deep understanding of our portfolio companies and always with a long-term perspective.

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We attribute a lot of our success to having the right people and the right culture. Click here to find out about our team.

Setanta Timeline

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